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Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions can be found on our FAQ page.
This page contains links to download current products as well as older products and available patches. To download products or patches select the appropriate Cohort Version and product below:
Download Hitman V10.1 for OpenVMS 8.2 on the Itanium platform.
Download any Cohort Version 4 product: Hitman V10.1, Hitman V10, Hitman V9.1, Ferret V5, Swap V5. These products are current release. Any product not listed yet in Cohort V4 is still at current release in Cohort V3.
Download any Cohort Version 3 product: Hitman V9, Ferret V4.1, VDM V7, Watch V6, RA V7, Swap V4 and Trace V2. All Cohort Version 3 products, with the exception of Hitman, are the current release.
Download any Cohort Version 2 product, the previous version. Patches are also available through these pages: Hitman V8, Ferret V4, VDM V6, Watch V5, RA V6 and Swap V4.
Obtain a demo license for any Cohort product.
Any Cohort product that stops working after an OpenVMS upgrade can be
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