Other useful files
You may also want to download some of these files. Some, like the unzip utilities, are necessary to install the Cohort products IF you don't already have an UNZIP utility that runs under OpenVMS. Unzipping the cohort files on a PC will corrupt them!
A Microsoft Windows version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader (ACROREAD.EXE). This is not the most current version, however, it will install under all variants of Microsoft Windows. Newer version are available at www.adobe.com, but are specific to the different versions of Windows.
Unzip utilities for OpenVMS VAX (unzipvax.exe), AXP (unzipaxp.exe) or Itanium (unzipi64.exe) . To use the unzip utility you should define a global symbol for the .exe file and then invoke unzip with that symbol. For example, to unzip Hitman for installation:

$ unzipvax :== $disk1:[utilitydirectory]unzipvax.exe
$ unzipvax common20
$ unzipvax hitman90

Another useful utility in the OpenVMS environment is the Mail File Transfer Utility (MFTU). With this program it is possible to turn OpenVMS files of any type into a simple text file for attaching to e-mail. MFTU can then be used at the other end to restore the OpenVMS file including all its file attributes. Download MFTU here.

You may be asked to download this special utility to help diagnose a recently reported problem with Watch V6. Please click here to download specutil.zip. After downloading unzip the file, as shown above, and run the help.com procedure.