Recent Changes
November 14, 2007
Discovered and fixed a broken link to the Ferret V5.0 page which contains links to download Ferret V5.0 for VAX or AXP and Ferret V5.1 for Itanium or AXP. V5.1 is functionally the same as V5.0 but we incremented the version number since this is the first release for Itanium. Existing Cohort V4 and Ferret V5 licenses will work for AXP boxes; to install on Itaum you should contact to obtain a license. The download page can be found here: Ferret V5.0.

Added an early release of V5.1 of SWAP for Itanium. It can be downloaded, with installation instructions, from the SWAP V5.0 page.

April 26, 2005
The first Hitman V10.1 kit for AXP and Itanium was made available for downloading. Hitman V10.1 is functionally the same as Hitman V10.0 but we decided to increment the version number since this is the first release for Itanium. Existing Cohort V4 and Hitman V10 licenses will work for AXP boxes; customers planning to install Hitman on Itanium systems should contact to obtain an Itanium license.

February 15, 2005
Added an Itanium information page.

November 25, 2004
Swap V5 is now online for downloading. Swap V5 download page.

October 6, 2004
Put Hitman V10.0.4-1004 online for downloads. The Hitman V10 release notes page contains a description of the changes included. The download Hitman V10 page also contains some information abou this update at the bottom of the page.

July 27, 2004 & August 4, 2004 & August 12, 2004
A new Swap V5.0 pre-release notes page has been created. To review this list of enhancements/fixes being made to Swap see Swap V5.0. These release notes have subsequently been updated to reflect additional bug fixes and enhancements.

July 7, 2004
Ferret V5.0 has been released. The preliminary release notes page has been removed and a download page with the final release notes created. A new Hitman V10 kit has been built and made available for download also.

June 2, 2004
The  preliminary release notes page for Ferret V5.0 have been updated to include a new feature being added to Version 5 (UIC ranges in selection criteria).
May 11, 2004
In response to customer requests a new technical support toll free telephone number has been added for direct calls to our technical support department. This number is 866-573-8182 (International callers may reach technical support directly at 403-248-2004). A separate fax line has also been added for technical support; 403-235-5378.

April/May 2004
At the end of April Saiga Systems relocated our office. While we will did everything in our power to minimize the impact of this move on our phone systems, etc., a few people did contact us saying they had experienced difficulties reaching us. If you could not reach us at anytime in the last week please contact us again. Our new address is:
Saiga Systems Software Inc.
Suite 913,
105 - 150 Crowfoot Cres NW
Calgary, AB
T3G 3T2

March 31, 2004
Added a table highlighting new features in V8, V9, V9.1 and V10 of Hitman that shows at which version of Hitman these features became available.

March 18, 2004
Added a preliminary release notes page for Ferret V5.0.

January 22, 2004
A problem encountered during installation V9.1 at some sites has been fixed and a new kit is now on-line. An access violation that occurred at some sites running V10.0 has been fixed (V10.0 and in V9.1) and a new kit is now on-line.

December 22, 2003
A problem with the data file conversion program was fixed in V9.0.5 of Hitman and the resulting new 9.0.6 version is now on-line. V10.0.1-1203 is now available incorporating a couple of minor fixes to V10.0 as well as the new features that were added to V9.1 and then integrated into V10. The V10 release notes contain more details.

November 20, 2003
Added the initial kit for Hitman V9.1. This new version of Hitman incorporates most of the changes/enhancements added to Hitman V10 but has been compiled for older versions of OpenVMS. It will install and run on either VAX or AXP platforms (currently V10 is only available for AXP). The older compilers, however, do not support dynamic memory allocation and V9.1 has fixed table sizes. This version does not require the Fortran Run-time Libraries, unlike V10.

October 21, 2003
Updated the Hitman V10 kit to eliminate a problem some sites experienced during the installation where the installation fails because it can not find certain text files. This is likely related to changes in the VMSINSTAL procedure with V7.3 of OpenVMS since this portion of the HItman installation kit and procedure are unchanged since Hitman V7 and this problem has never been reported before.

May 27, 2003
The Hitman V10 manual was made available for downloading. A 10,000 process kit for Hitman V9 was also made available.

May 2, 2003
A patch was made to Ferret V4.1 to properly count the number of lines output to the differences report.

April 15, 2003
The initial release of Hitman V10 was made available for downloading.

January 30, 2003
The Hitman V10 Release Notes were updated.

June 28, 2002
A current demo license has been made available on the Demo License page.

June 27, 2002
A page of links to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) has been added. FAQ page.

June 13, 2002
A kit for Hitman V9 for 5,000 processes was made available.

May 15, 2002
A new kit for Hitman V9 was made available. It includes the ability to set idle and warn times for processes with specific process names. It is also possible to now set connect time limits for processes with specific process names. Wildcarded process names are supported for both functions:

Example process idle times

$ Hitman /process="HR*" /first_warn=20 /second_warn=25 /wait=30

In this example any process, whose name begins with HR, will be warned at 20 and 25 minutes of idle time and terminated after 30 minutes of being idle. To remove this entry use:

$ hitman /noprocess="HR*"     ! to remove

Example process connect times

$ hitman /connect /process="HR*" /first_warn=60 /second_warn=90 /wait =120

In this example an process, whose name begins with HR, will be warned after they've been connected for 60 and 90 minutes and kicked off after 2 hours regardless of activity. To remove this entry use:

$ hitman /connect /noprocess="HR*"

Note: Process names are case sensitive and the DCL interpreter always converts lowercase to uppercase; therefore process names should always be enclosed in quotes and must be enclosed in quotes if they include any special characters such as spaces. This also requires that process names that include lowercase letters not added with the /file=both qualifier; to preserve case enter the command twice with /file=prime and /file=nonprime.

Protection takes precedence over all other items and processes that are protected for any reason will never be terminated by Hitman.

March 28, 2002
A new kit for Hitman was put on the web page. It includes some new process termination debugging features as well as a fix to the process termination loop. Users with high values for /force_wait because of problems with database rollbacks should install this new version as quickly as possible; it should lower the likelihood of database rollbacks occurring during process termination.

March 1, 2002
Added a table showing current versions/patch levels for all the Cohort 3 products. This table can be found on the "products" page or at the bottom of this page by clicking on: Current version table for all Cohort 3 modules

February 15, 2002
We did a full download and install of each of the Cohort 3 products to verify that this web page contained the latest release of each product in the full download file. Some discrepancies were found and the web page updated.

January 4, 2002
Put a special distribution on the web site for downloading by sites experiencing an integer over flow error during normal data collection. Download, unzip it, be sure the common020.a and common020.b savesets also exist in that directory then install using VMSINSTAL.

December 19, 2001
Added a patch to VDM page that fixes a problem with specifying dates after 1999 for the /current and /previous qualifiers. VDM is now at release level V7.0.3-1201.

Also added a 30 day demo license to this website for customers wishing to download demos during the holiday season. The demo licenses can be found on the demo license page.

October 22, 2001
Updated the Hitman V8 page to include links for a 5,000 process distribution of Hitman.

June 21, 2001
Put a patch for Ferret on-line.

March 29, 2001
Added a 5,000 process Hitman V9 kit to the Hitman download page. Also updated a couple of links on the "Other Useful Files" page that were broken.

March 23, 2001
Put a minor patch for Hitman V9 online.

Modified the support pages to use "Support & Downloads" for a heading instead of simply "Support." This should make the location of the download files clearer.

March 2001
Updated the Cohort V3 download web site to include contents of our previous, Cohort V2, website. We now have one web site with links for current and previous products and patches.

December 8, 2000
Updated the November 14 VDM patch to include 2 additional fixes.

November 15, 2000
Added a patch for Watch to the Watch download page.

November 14, 2000
Added a patch for VDM to the VDM download page.

November 10, 2000
Added a patch for Ferret to the Ferret download page.

June 7, 2000
Added a patch for VDM to the VDM download page.

May 17, 2000
Added a new set to the Hitman V9 download page. This kit is for sites that have a max process count greater than 2,000 since it can handle up to 10,000 processes.

Placed an updated version of Watch on the download page. The current release of Watch is now Watch V6.0.1-0500 and includes expanded output fields for memory values on the wide screen. The watch /print /comparison=difference report was not properly implemented in V6.0.0 and has been fixed with this release. The patch files to upgrade V6.0.0 to 6.0.1-0500 should be available on the Watch download page by the afternoon of May 18, 2000.

May 9, 2000
Added links for RA V7.0.1-0500 patch. This patch fixes a problem with overflows in the disk portion of the resource report.

April 19, 2000
Loaded new demo licenses onto the download site that will be good until June 30, 2000. Made Trace V2 available for downloading.

April 3, 2000
Added Ferret V4.1 patches  These patches install on all prior versions of Ferret V4.1 to bring it to version 4.1.1-0400. The patch file contains a text file that details the problems the patch fixes.

March 29, 2000
Added links to the Hitman download page for a complete traceback version of Hitman V9. Also added a link for instructions on how to relink a product to the Hitman page and the documentation page.

February 25, 2000
Fixed some minor cut-&-paste errors in the text of the web page.

Added links to the documentation page for the zip files containing the .html copies of the user manuals.

February 18, 2000
Updated each download page to add links to the online .html version of that products' documentation as well as links to download a zip file containing the html version of the manual.

Updated the documentation page to include links to the online documentation for all the Cohort products.

February 10, 2000
Updated the Ferret V4.1 download page to includes links for the user manual and revised Cohort V3 installation guide.

February 8, 2000
Updated the Ferret V4.1 download page to include links to the distribution kit. Manuals are not yet ready but should be online in a few days. Ferret V4.1 will install exactly the same as Ferret V4.0 so it the distribution has been made available before the manuals since it fixes a reported problem in V4.0.

January 25, 2000
Added this update page.
Added new demo licenses for Cohort V3 that are good until March 31, 2000.
Added new links to hitman download page for self-extracting executables.

January 17, 2000
Updated RA V7 page to include links to distributions, manuals, etc.
FTPd RA V7 and added it to this site.

 Current versions of all Cohort 3 modules (as of February 15, 2002)