Hitman V10.1
Hitman V10.0 release notes; patches included in V10.1 are listed at the bottom of this page
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Current Revision: Hitman V10.1.0-0405

This page contains links for downloading Hitman V10.1 which is functionally equivalent to Hitman V10 but includes Hitman V10.1 for Itanium in the installation kit. This is the first release of Hitman for Itanium systems running OpenVMS 8.2. The AXP copy of Hitman V10.1 is currently compiled for OpenVMS 7.3-2 or 8.2 on Alpha systems. V10.1 for AXP also includes a number of patches that have been made to Hitman V10 since it was released (see the release notes below).

We have incremented the Version number with this release because of the addition of Itanium support, however, existing AXP licenses for Hitman V10 and Cohort V4 will work with this kit; no upgrade is necessary. A license key for Itanium can be obtained by contacting sales@saiga.com. Customers with existing Hitman or Cohort licenses for VAX or AXP systems can purchase Itanium upgrades at a significant discount.

This page contains links for downloading and installing/upgrading Hitman V10.1. The links are all ftp links and you should be able to use the "save as" ... or "save link as" ... options from within your browser to save the files locally.

 Download Hit101.zip here. Be sure to use binary mode transfers if you must move it from a PC to the OpenVMS system. Unzip on the OpenVMS system (a version of unzip is available on the "other useful files" link above). The zip file includes a readme file with more detailed instructions. Hitman V10.1 is not available for VAX systems.
Hitman V10.1 is functionally equivalen to Hitman V10; the V10 User Manual is available in Adobe's .PDF format (public document format). It can be downloaded here; HITV10.PDF.
If you receive a number of linker error messages during installation beginning with dfor$ you do not have a copy of the current Fortran run-time libraries installed; these libraries must be installed for Hitman V10.  To check if  you have a Fortran RTL installed before the installation:
$ product show history for*
you should see at least forrtl V7.3. If your version is older than this you should upgrade these RTL; since they are included with OpenVMS the run-time libraries should be on your OpenVMS media and there is no license or fees involved. If you do not have a Fortran RTL installed you must install one BEFORE installing Hitman V10.1. After installing them you should log out and log back in before beginning the Hitman V10.1 installation/upgrade.
The necessary RTLs appear to be installed automatically on OpenVMS 8.2 Itanium systems.

The following patches have been made to Hitman V10 with this release of V10.1. These patches will be added, as soon as possible, to Hitman V9.1 for early versions of OpenVMS on AXP and VAX. They will also be added to Hitman V10.0 as soon as possible for supporting OpenVMS AXP 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.3-1. The final Hitman patch level for V10.0 will be V10.0.5-0405.
The /SYS__PROTECT qualifier was not always working as documented in V10.0. This issue was not reported by any customers because detached processes are normally ignored unless /type=detached has been specified to override this default.
All command procedures that previously used the DCL lexical F$GETSYI with HW_TYPE to determine whether the system was an AXP or VAX have been updated to use F$GETSYI with ARCH_NAME. This returns a value of Alpha, VAX or IA64 depending on the hardware of the current system. This change was required because V8.1 and the field release of V8.2 of OpenVMS on Itanium systems returned 0 for HW_TYPE because no system numbers had yet been assigned. A benefit of this change is that it makes the DCL procedures easier to read and understand.
/STATUS and the status option on the menu now correctly report the number of protected identifiers and processes. The Hitman detached process was properly handling these lists but status was reporting 0 protected identifiers and 0 protected processes in its parameter summary output.
The same problem in the previous item was causing /LIST to not include protected identifiers or identifiers that had special wait and warn times assigned. These functions were working properly and they are now being correctly reported in the /list output.
When setting special wait and warn times or connect times for images the system wide default times were being set to the values specified for the image if an error occurred; for example if the image was already included in the list the system default times were set to the new values instead of the image entry being updated to the specified values.
The /command qualifier for generating a DCL command procedure as a backup for the Hitman parameter file(s) was not including protected identifiers or identifiers with special wait and warn times. This has been fixed.
Because of changes in the Fortran compiler the /version command was working properly but not always finding and reporting the license info for the Hitman license. The /version output would indicate that a license was not found but the product was working properly. This has been fixed.
A problem was found with the mass change for events facility. It was not always matching and updating the specified fields. This problem has been fixed.

 Known Problems
At this time there is only one known problem with Hitman V10.1 on Itanium systems running OpenVMS V8.2. On these systems Hitman is not correctly pausing/terminating Decwindows sessions because of changes in the process structure for Decwindows in this release of OpenVMS. This problem will be fixed as soon as possible.