Hitman V9.1
release notes are identical to V10 except that no dynamic memory allocation functionality is included
license key

Current Revision: Hitman V9.1.1-0104

This page contains links for downloading and installing/upgrading to Hitman V9.1. The links are all http links and you should be able to use the "save as" ... or "save link as" ... options from within your browser to save the files locally. A demo license is available for use by any customers wishing to upgrade to or demo V9.1 during the holiday period.

Download Hitman V9.1 here. The hit91.zip file is should be downloaded to a VAX or AXP system and then unzipped there. Hitman V9.1, unlike V10.0, will install on either VAX and AXP systems. If the value of your SYSGEN parameter MAXPROCESSCNT is between 2,000 and 5,000 you will need to download hitman V9.1 for larger systems here.
The Hitman Version 10 User Manual is available in Adobe's .PDF format (public document format). It can be downloaded here; HITV10.PDF. Since V9.1 is almost identical to V10 there are no plans to prepare a separate V9.1 manual. Hitman V9.1 also uses the Hitman V10 or Cohort V4 license key.
The following notes about V10 do not apply to V9.1. If you are receiving the errors discussed below during installation of V10 you may decide to install V9.1 instead of V10.0; it does not require the Fortran run-time libraries.
If you receive a number of linker error messages during installation beginning with dfor$ you do not have a copy of the current Fortran run-time libraries installed; these libraries must be installed for Hitman V10.  To check if  you have a Fortran RTL installed before the installation:
$ product show history for*
you should see at least forrtl V7.4. If your version is older than this you should upgrade these RTL; since they are included with OpenVMS the run-time libraries should be on your OpenVMS media and there is no license or fees involved. If you do not have a Fortran RTL installed you must install one BEFORE installing Hitman V10. After installing them you should log out and log back in before beginning the Hitman V10 installation/upgrade.
To obtain a permanent license for Hitman V10 (or V9.1) contact Norma at 800-561-8876 or via e-mail to sales@saiga.com

V9.1.1-0104 includes two patches/fixes. The first fixes an error that some sites experienced during installation that caused the installation to fail because of a missing object. The 2nd is an error discovered as a result of the change to dynamic memory allocation in V10; one test for login events could result in an access violation in V10 since it referred to an array that might not yet be created. In V9.1 this array always exists so the access violation does not occur but the result of the test could be wrong.