Hitman V10
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Current Revision: Hitman V10.0.4-1004

This page contains links for downloading and installing/upgrading to Hitman V10.0. The links are all ftp links and you should be able to use the "save as" ... or "save link as" ... options from within your browser to save the files locally.

 Download Hit10.zip here. Be sure to use binary mode transfers if you must move it from a PC to the OpenVMS system. Unzip on the OpenVMS system (a version of unzip is available on the "other useful files" link above). The zip file includes a readme file with more detailed instructions. Hitman V10 is not currently available for VAX.
The Hitman Version 10 User Manual is available in Adobe's .PDF format (public document format). It can be downloaded here; HITV10.PDF.
If you receive a number of linker error messages during installation beginning with dfor$ you do not have a copy of the current Fortran run-time libraries installed; these libraries must be installed for Hitman V10.  To check if  you have a Fortran RTL installed before the installation:
$ product show history for*
you should see at least forrtl V7.3. If your version is older than this you should upgrade these RTL; since they are included with OpenVMS the run-time libraries should be on your OpenVMS media and there is no license or fees involved. If you do not have a Fortran RTL installed you must install one BEFORE installing Hitman V10. After installing them you should log out and log back in before beginning the Hitman V10 installation/upgrade.
To obtain a permanent V10 license contact Norma at 800-561-8876 or via e-mail to sales@saiga.com.
If you are receiving an unexplained INVLDPATHNAM error message please download this kit, Hit10spc.zip, if advised to do so by Technical Support at Saiga Systems.

Comparison to previous versions
This table provides an overview of features added to Hitman since V8 and highlights at which version they were made available.

V10.0.3 includes a few minor fixes. Previous patches had no fixes but did include a couple of new features that were added to V9.1 and were thought to be useful additions to V10. The major features are a new prompt, when exiting the menu, for whether to save any updates made to the permanent data files or discard them and a new logical name, hitman$terminal_setup, that can be used to help reset your terminal characteristics when exiting from the menu. For a more complete explanation see the V10 release notes page.
V10.0.4 includes a performance enhancement for sites that use more than one identifier list within Hitman; for example sites that have users protected by identifiers and also have users with special idle and warn times set by an identifier. Previously each of the three identifier related tables was checked during Hitman's data collection separately using the sys$find_held system service. A customer pointed out that this system service has a significant overhead associated with it and the three separate tables are now checked in one loop (cutting this overhead in half for sites using two tables or by two-thirds for sites using all three). There is also a minor fix to the hitman /version command; it did not always include the full details for the currently loaded license.
Because of the number of modules affected by these changes a patch file is not being provided. Users wishing to upgrade from any previous release of V10 should simply download the new kit and reinstal Hitman V10. All existing parameters, etc., will be preserved during the installation.