Urgent OpenVMS 7.3 upgrade notice
All customers who plan to upgrade to OpenVMS 7.3 should be aware that the OpenVMS patch kit number VMS73_SYS V0500 may cause Hitman and other processes to become permanently stuck in an LEF state. HP has issued a technical bulletin about this problem.

This problem was reported to us early in 2003 and at that time customers could obtain a fix from HP for the problem; although it had not been officially released and might not be available to all customers. Customers upgrading from distributions sent in the 2nd half of 2003 have not reported the problem and we have heard that the fix for this problem is included, as a patch, in current OpenVMS distributions. The file that contains the fix is called brkthru-073r.bck-dcx_axpexe. If you experience problems with Hitman after an OpenVMS upgrade please issue the following command at least 5 minutes after starting Hitman:

$ Hitman /status

if you receive the following output:

HITMAN Version ##.#.#-#### is currently Running on node XXXX
HITMAN is running under the username SYSTEM
This version of Hitman will monitor up to 2000 processes.
BUT, is caught in an LEF state. (Local Event Flag)
Please call Saiga Systems Incorporated at (403) 263 - 1151
for an explanation of the problem and what to do about it
before removing HITMAN from your system.

you are experiencing this problem and you should contact HP about obtaining the fix.