Demo License

Free demos are available at anytime and demo customers have access to our technical support department, free of charge, for the duration of the demo.  Contact our sales department to request your demo license; either by e-mail to or telephone at 1-800-561-8876. Be sure to request and load the correct license (VAX or AXP for V9.1; AXP for V10.0, AXP or Itanium for V10.1). All three versions use the same license and there is no charge to upgrade between them.
To load a license you need to have installed at least one Saiga Systems Software product. We recommend having a hard copy of the license available to work from. Be sure to use the appropriate license (VAX, AXP or Itanium) for the system type you are installing on. To install the license exit to the "$" prompt and then run the license loading procedure:
$ @sys$manager:saiga_license
at the prompts enter each item on the license highlighted with an asterisk "*" EXACTLY as it appears on the license. Be sure to enter -site- for the node name on VAX and AXP licenses or they will not load. Itanium systems will require the actual node name for this item.