Welcome to the Saiga Systems Software web page. This web site includes product descriptions, access to technical support, sales and licensing information and links for downloading the current version of all our products as well as patches to previous versions.

OpenVMS on Itanium
The Cohort Suite of software products is currently being ported to OpenVMS 8.2 on Itanium. For a complete timetable please refer to our Itanium Port page. Hitman is now available; Ferret, Swap, VDM, RA and WATCH should all be available soon.

All customers please note
As of May 1, 2004, Saiga relocated to a new office. Our new address, etc. are in the frame at the left of most pages on this website. There is now a new toll-free technical support number to contact support directly without going through the main number. Full contact information can be found on the contact us page.

Swap V5.0 is now available (November 25, 2004)
A download and release notes page has been added for it.

Ferret Version 5.0 is now available (July 7, 2004)
Work on Ferret V5.0 has been completed. The download files are now available on-line.

Hitman Version 10
Customers can download it from the Download Hitman Version 10 page. Click here to view the Version 10 release notes.

Hitman Version 9.1(new - November 2003)
Hitman V9.1 is now available. Incorporating most of the enhancements added to V10 it has been compiled and built for sites running OpenVMS 7.0 or earlier; it is available for AXP and VAX systems. November 2003 represents the initial release of this product. Download Hitman Version 9.1 here. The release notes for V9.1 are identical to V10 except it does not include dynamic memory allocation; the base kit is limited to 2,000 processes and tables (protect, special times, events, etc.) cannot exceed 256 entries.

Customers with current support contracts are entitled to upgrade all their Cohort licensed products, including Hitman, with no additional fees on the platform(s) they are licensed for.

30 day evaluation licenses are available for any Cohort module by contacting Saiga Systems directly at sales@saiga.com.

Please check the "Recent changes" page for additional information about changes to this web page or our products.

Notice for all customers planning OpenVMS V7.3 upgrade
All customers planning to upgrade to OpenVMS 7.3 AXP using an OpenVMS distribution from the first half of 2003 should read this notice first. As of September 2004 we have not had a customer report this problem for well over 1/2 year; anyone who has upgraded to 7.3-1 or 7.3-2 with a recent kit has not experienced the problem.